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Chapman Tripp
By Roger Wallis, Rachel Dunne, Geof Shirtcliffe, Fiona Bennett
The Regulatory Systems (Commercial Matters) Amendment Bill has now passed.
By Michael Arthur, Michael Harper, Daniel Kalderimis, Hamish Foote
Under the New Zealand PPSA, GE's interest would not have been entirely lost but its priority could have been affected.
By Tracey Epps, Daniel Kalderimis, Kate Yesberg
The easing of United Nations sanctions against Iran in 2016 has created some export opportunities for New Zealand.
By Brian Clayton, John McKay, Edward Scorgie, Matthew Carroll, Greg Wise, Fiona Bennett, Hamish Bolland
Principals and contractors soon will have to apply the new construction contracts retentions regime, without regulations.
By Bradley Kidd, Tim Williams, Penny Sheerin, Asha Trotter
Legislation to extend the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism regime has been introduced.
By Graeme Olding, Bevan Miles, David Patterson
These discussion documents aim towards the implementation of the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project.
By Michael Arthur, Michael Harper, Daniel Kalderimis, Hamish Foote
These decisions, setting aside creditors' compromises, give new guidance on parameters of Part 14 of the Companies Act.
By Catherine Somerville, Paula Brosnahan, Luke Hinchey, Jo Appleyard, Ben Williams
The key theme of increased central government direction for local planning matters has been retained in the Bill.
By Roger Wallis, Rachel Dunne, Ross Pennington, Geof Shirtcliffe, Alister McDonald
The decision, where Mark Warminger was found to have manipulated the NZX market, is a useful clarification of the law.
By Roger Wallis, Rachel Dunne, Geof Shirtcliffe, Alister McDonald
The changes will particularly impact market announcements and investor presentations made under continuous disclosure.
By Tim Tubman, Joshua Pringle
There has been a tremendous amount of capital raised by investors both domestically and offshore that needs to find a home.
By Rachel Dunne, Roger Wallis, Geof Shirtcliffe, Alister McDonald
NZX has released the first of what will be annual reports into its enforcement and monitoring activities.
By John Strowger, Josh Blackmore, Alister McDonald, Tim Tubman, Joshua Pringle
M&A volumes are holding up despite an unexpected period of geopolitical and economic volatility.
By Penny Sheerin, Tim Williams, Bradley Kidd, Roger Wallis, Ross Pennington, Mike Woodbury, Alan Lester, Fiona Bennett
MBIE released a Consultation Paper and Exposure Draft of reforms to the regulation of financial advice in New Zealand.
By Daniel Kalderimis, Tracey Epps
The article looks at the contents of the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation and implications for New Zealand exporters.
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