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Chapman Tripp
By Tim Williams, Roger Wallis, Penny Sheerin, Ross Pennington, Victoria Heine, Bradley Kidd, Alan Lester, Fiona Bennett
The Financial Markets Authority has refreshed its foundation Strategic Risk Outlook (SRO), published in 2015.
By Tim Williams, Penny Sheerin, Bradley Kidd
All financial advisers, brokers, QFEs, and financial service providers should review this Bill to identify any issues.
By Rachel Dunne, Roger Wallis, Geof Shirtcliffe, Fiona Bennett, Josh Blackmore, Pip England
The number of NZX Main Board issuers in 2016 is likely to continue to decline in 2017, often as a result of takeovers.
By Tim Williams, Ross Pennington, Roger Wallis, Penny Sheerin, Bradley Kidd, Mike Woodbury, Fiona Bennett
The Guide identifies a set of customer-focused expectations for the leaders of licensed financial service providers.
By Roger Wallis, Rachel Dunne, Geof Shirtcliffe, Josh Blackmore, Alister McDonald
NZX published five "practice notes" for user-friendly advice on common questions raised by issuers and their advisors.
By Arthur Young, Phillippa Wilkie, Emma Sutcliffe, Alan Lester, Tim Williams, Nick Wells, Te Aopare Dewes
The Ministry of Justice has sought feedback on a draft Trusts Bill, as part of a move to update the law for NZ trusts.
By Tim Williams, Penny Sheerin, Mike Woodbury
Recent policy decisions change the information KiwiSaver providers need to give to investors in their annual statements.
By Tim Williams, Penny Sheerin, Bradley Kidd
In 2017, the FMA's particular focus will be on AML/CFT documentation, and the level of management and board oversight.
By Greg Wise, Matthew Yarnell, Paul Holth, Matthew Carroll, Heath Brunton, Andrew Woods
MBIE is consulting on the regulations and a new methodology for identifying and managing earthquake-prone buildings.
By Rachel Dunne, Roger Wallis, Geof Shirtcliffe, Josh Blackmore, Alister McDonald
NZX released a consultation paper requesting feedback on proposed amendments to its continuous disclosure guidance note.
By Daniel Kalderimis, Matt Sumpter, Tracey Epps, Kate Yesberg, Sarah Quilliam-Mayne
The election of Donald J Trump and the UK Brexit vote both herald a new era of world affairs with implications for NZ.
By Garth Gallaway, Marie Wisker, Geoff Carter
He has also suffered significant reputational damage as the case has been reported in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.
By Catherine Somerville, Paula Brosnahan, Luke Hinchey, Joanna Bain, Jill Gregory
The Auckland Council has signed off on most of the recommendations from the Panel and has adopted the Unitary Plan.
By Bradley Kidd, Penny Sheerin, Tim Williams, Asha Trotter, Phoebe Gibbons, Brendon Orr, Sanna Boow
The scope of the consultation paper on the Phase Two implementation of the AML regime indicates possible broad changes.
By Michael Arthur, Penny Sheerin, Tim Williams, Mike Woodbury, Michael Harper, Fiona Bennett
MBIE is proposing law changes after the Court ruled that KiwiSaver funds are beyond the reach of the Official Assignee.
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