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Chapman Tripp
By Mark Nicholson, Greg Wise, Garth Gallaway, Heath Brunton
On 1 July 2017, a new system for identifying and managing earthquake-prone buildings in New Zealand, came into force.
By Matt Sumpter, Neil Anderson, Andy Nicholls, Victoria Heine
This article lists key provisions of the Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill, which has now passed.
By Michael Arthur, Michael Harper, Daniel Kalderimis, Hamish Foote
The ability of a company to pay its due debts is to be assessed objectively, taking a "practical business perspective".
By Tim Williams, Penny Sheerin, Bradley Kidd, Mike Woodbury, Phoebe Gibbons, Brendon Orr, Emma Harding, Sanna Boow
The MBIE has made improvements to the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill as part of the consultation process.
By Rachel Dunne, Roger Wallis, Geof Shirtcliffe
The new regulations will reduce the need for listed companies to distribute notices in relation to their annual reports.
By Roger Wallis
Listed companies in New Zealand should consider improving the timeliness and focus of their annual shareholder meetings.
By Daniel Kalderimis, Tracey Epps
This Act regulates space launches from New Zealand and by New Zealand nationals overseas, both of rockets and satellites.
By Rachel Dunne
The same benefit could be achieved with a primary listing on NZX and then listing on ASX as a Foreign Exempt Listing.
By Graeme Olding, David Patterson, Bevan Miles, Roger Wallis
Chapman Tripp has recommended a number of improvements to this taxation omnibus bill to modernise tax administration.
By Roger Wallis, Rachel Dunne, Geof Shirtcliffe, Alister McDonald
The FMA revised guidance note on the disclosure of non-GAAP financial information has been released, after consultation.
By Roger Wallis, Geof Shirtcliffe
The NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has sought feedback on whether a DIN should be introduced.
By Michael Arthur, Michael Harper, Daniel Kalderimis, Hamish Foote
The Supreme Court considered claw back claims under the voidable transactions regime in the context of Ponzi schemes.
By Roger Wallis, Geof Shirtcliffe, Fiona Bennett
A personalised DIN could be useful, as long as directors can choose not to have their residential address made public.
By Roger Wallis, Rachel Dunne, Geof Shirtcliffe, Josh Blackmore, Alister McDonald
This third batch of NZX practice notes provides user-friendly advice on common questions raised by issuers and advisors.
By Nick Wells, Te Aopare Dewes
Continued growth in the Maori economy will see more active participation of iwi groups in the NZ domestic M&A market.
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