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By Steen Rosenfalck
In Denmark – as in most European countries – the relationship between an employer and an employee is regulated on the one hand by what is agreed in individual employment contracts, and on the
By Steen Rosenfalck
An overseas company wishing to sell its products in the Danish market may consider appointing a Danish based commercial agent with specific market sector knowledge to negotiate orders on its behalf
By Steen Rosenfalck
A guide for overseas businesses wishing to take their business to Denmark.
By Philip Henson
The Government and Equalities Office has announced a new consultation on sexual harassment in the workplace, which proposes a new Statutory Code of Conduct, and a new "Preventative Duty".
By Philip Henson
The #MeThe #MeToo movement has shone a light on the epidemic of sexual harassment in the workplace.
By Sabine Paul-Pettinicchio
This briefing note will give you some guidance on how you can check whether you need to register, and if you do, how much the cost will be.
By Steen Rosenfalck
In English company law, capital maintenance rules require the share capital of a company to be preserved.
By Philip Henson, Marguerite Perin
The new law started as a private members bill, and soon garnered cross party support.
By Philip Henson
The UK Government has launched a new consultation which sets out proposals to support the parents of children who require neonatal care following birth