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By Damian Quail
Employee or contractor? Check now because a superannuation guarantee amnesty is potentially available.
By Damian Quail
Under new laws businesses must display the total price for the goods and services including all pre-selected optional items.
By Damian Quail
Indicators of modern slavery could include unlawful withholding of wages through to demanding excessive working hours.
By Damian Quail
Mandatory wording requirements in relation to supply of services & also supply of goods with services took effect on 09.06.19.
By Dominique Engelter
The structure of section 203D and the interplay between 203D and 249D may cause grief for requisitioning shareholders.
By Matthew Lenhoff
This Joint Statement provides a "best practice" guideline for recording decisions and discussions at Board meetings.
By Hanna Forrest
These cases demonstrate the ACCC's willingness to crack down on the use of unfair contract terms by all businesses.
By Leanne Allison
All potential franchisees should do their due diligence before entering into a franchisee agreement and making payment.
By Damian Quail
Employers should take note of these changes to the Australian employment landscape that take effect on 1 July 2019.
By Matthew Burvill
The definition of "large proprietary company" has been amended by doubling the revenue, assets and employee thresholds.
By Matthew Lenhoff
Employers should review rates of pay before 1 July 2019 to ensure employees are paid in accordance with these wage rates.
By Madeleen Rousseau
The Kraft trade dress could have been protected as a registered trade mark, but it had never in fact been registered.
By Amy Knight
The ACCC interim report identified harmful market practices adopted by some wine makers that could restrict competition.
By Damian Dinelli
Businesses could be held liable for defamatory comments posted by third party users who engage with social media content.