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By Scot Phillips
Businesses looking to implement four new accounting standards will have a brief reprieve. During July 2019
By Chad M. Flanagan, Kristin Taffe, Scott Haberman
A key consideration for many dental practices is growth. While this may occur through the addition of physicians or expansion of a building, it can also happen through acquisition.
By William Hinsdale
Everyone who has worked in or around a dealership knows the business sinks or swims on proper inventory management.
By Eide Bailly LLP
f you receive a text or email asking you about making money by wrapping your car with a logo, it's unfortunately not a new way to make money in the "gig" economy. It's a scam, pure and simple.
By Christine Perez
Many taxpayers and nonprofit organizations entered the 2018 tax year unsure of how the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would ultimately affect their charitable giving.
By Bradley G. Theisen
Your government may be one of the many that have been hit by a disaster recently. The first instinct should always be dealing with human suffering and accounting for personnel and mission-critical systems.
By Sara Ptacek, Allison Gregory
On May 30, 2019, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed an omnibus tax bill that will impact most Minnesota taxpayers.
By Kurt Schlicker
When Uniform Guidance became effective in December 2014, changes to the procurement regulations were so impactful that the OMB granted a two-year delayed implementation election.
By Pam J. Eggert
Revenue recognition has been the topic of conversation in the accounting world for a few years now.
By Gary W. Smith
Once the FASB issues the proposal on their website, there will be a 30-day comment period for feedback on the proposed extension.
By Eide Bailly LLP
Over the past year we've helped you understand tax reform and the impact it has on your business and individual situation.
By Amanda Urrutia
The end-goal of eDiscovery is to obtain requested information for use in pre-emptive or onset litigation.
By Frank Donati, Matt Labernik
Divesting or acquiring a business may seem like a monumental task.
By Eide Bailly LLP
In this month's recap: Stocks, gold, and oil all surge, a door opens for U.S.-China trade talks to resume, and the Federal Reserve suddenly sounds dovish.
By Eide Bailly LLP
One of the most ubiquitous aspects of social media in recent years has been the arrival of Americans crowdfunding around a major health issue.