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By Hayder Shkara
The Family Court called a Federal Court decision to imprison a man for up to 12 months a "gross miscarriage of justice.".
By Emma Green
Laws about how to speed up family law cases pursuant to the Family Law Rules 2004. Case example provided.
By Hayder Shkara
The results of a drug test can influence how much time a parent can spend with the children and also the kind of contact.
By Nectaria Grivas
A family report helps the judge determine the best outcome for a family dispute and the best interests of the children.
By Hayder Shkara
Relationship breakdowns can be difficult, but working hard to reach an amicable divorce is usually better for everybody.
By Hayder Shkara
Divorce can be difficult even without involving your business, so there are points which must be carefully considered.
By Hayder Shkara
Dividing marital assets at the end of a relationship can be straightforward, but how do courts regard gifts and divorce?
By Nectaria Grivas
Pet custody can be a tough issue for many couples when making decisions about property division and custody of children.
By Harpreet Bawa
The length of a marriage can and often does have an effect on the way a property or financial settlement is carried out.
By Hayder Shkara
Changing the child's primary carer may be necessary to uphold the child's best interests and keep them safe and secure.