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By Tony Greenman
Israel's new Designs Act will come into effect in August 2018. Until then, the relevant provisions of the Patents and Designs Ordinance will continue to control.
By Tony Greenman
Trademarks are registered in Israel by the Patents, Designs and Trademarks Authority ("The Patents and Trademarks Authority"), an independent agency operating under the Ministry of Justice, ...
By Tony Greenman
Israel grants protection to performers of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works.
By Tony Greenman
A bill introduced by the Ministry of Justice in 2006, intending to establish a copyright tribunal, ran aground in the Knesset.
By Tony Greenman
Israel's Copyright Act grants moral rights to authors of works, other than computer programs and phonograms.
By Tony Greenman
The contractual relationship between authors and their assignees and licensees is often viewed as an unequal one. Traditionally, it is seen as pitting authors, lacking the requisite expertise in business matters, ...