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By George Gwynn
Debtors will now have 30 days to respond to a Letter of Claim.
By George Gwynn
Such a prospect can be enough to make some claimants give up the fight.
By George Gwynn
The outcome of the recent case involving billionaire Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United and founder of Sports Direct, suggests not.
By Richard Kerry
We all look forward to going on holiday.
By Sandra Hickson
They each earned approximately £100,000 a year when they met in 2007, but Mrs Sharp subsequently received bonuses of £10.5 million.
By Sandra Hickson
I quite often see this when parties are separating.
By Sandra Hickson
Divorcing couples have a duty to provide full financial disclosure to their soon to be ex.
By Richard Kerry
It has long been established that solicitors owe their clients a duty of care, especially when it comes to protecting their clients' money.