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By Phil Ayton
Law firms are on the verge of a technological shift toward automating knowledge. By the nature of the business, law firms are defined by specialist knowledge and expertise.
By Phil Ayton
The decision to host technology solutions on premise or within the cloud can be daunting for today's law firms. While on-premise servers offer increased security ...
By Callie Sierra
It's no secret that the Nordic countries are trendsetters when it comes to technological innovation. Their entrepreneurial cultures, supported by consistently high quality
By Phil Ayton
Cybersecurity is a major stressor for today's law firms. Increasingly complex regulations, such as the ACC Data Security Regulations in the United States and the European Union General Data Protection Regulations ...
By Kelly Callie
At the recent Sysero Summit Oslo, we looked at the growing and imminent need for law firms to operate more efficiently.
By Kelly Callie
Though automation is a ‘hot' topic among today's law firms, many firms have yet to determine how best to implement automation within their firms.