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By Sara Dubinsky
Over time, the courts did not consistently treat the issue of whether special costs could be awarded as a result of conduct that took place prior to the commencement of legal proceedings.
By Ian Moore
The ESC is a performance-based standard for building energy efficiency that aims for all new construction across the province to be "net-zero energy ready" by 2032.
By Lindsay Parcells
The rules for valuation of a procurement for threshold purposes are set out in Article 505.
By Robin Phillips
The Ontario anti-SLAPP legislation, therefore, provides a mechanism whereby claims may be quickly dismissed, saving legal expenses and time, and conserving court resources.
By Rachel Vallance
The Act imposes new limits on campaign contributions and loans for campaign use.
By Andrew Carricato
Discrimination of your employee by an individual that is not your employee may now be your problem.
By Don Lidstone
The autonomous vehicle is transformative technology.
By Olga Rivkin
Cape Town, South Africa, is preparing for a "Day Zero" - a day when the authorities predict municipal wells will run dry.
By Marisa Cruickshank
It's a common scene in the movies: a disgruntled employee tells off the boss and then triumphantly departs the office, throwing papers in the air, vowing never to return.