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By Anita Machin, Florian Hanslik
In the May-Edition of our newsletter, we reported on the fees for radio and TV, which were to be payable as of 2019 by all companies that are subject to VAT.
By Anita Machin, Florian Hanslik
Globalisation is on everyone's lips. The fact that globalisation can also have great impact in the area of indirect taxation in connection with the entry of goods is not always on the radars of internationally active companies, ...
By Anita Machin, Florian Hanslik
For supplies of goods from abroad into Switzerland, the place of supply is not always deemed to be abroad.
By Anita Machin, Florian Hanslik
In this newsletter, we would like to address the constantly-recurring issues of specific VAT risks
By Judith Lorenz, Dominic Nazareno
In Switzerland, individuals and legal entities are taxed at the federal as well as at the cantonal and municipal levels.
By Stefan G. Widmer, Reto Arnold
Foreign investors considering the purchase of a Swiss company very often come across a specific particularity of Swiss tax law that in many cases complicates matters significantly.
By Anita Machin, Florian Hanslik
From 2019, every company that is subject to VAT in Switzerland and has a worldwide minimum turnover of CHF 500,000 must pay a contribution for radio and TV.
By Anita Machin, Florian Hanslik
Numerous foreign companies have business-related and input-taxed expenses in Switzerland, without actually being subject to VAT obligations in this country.
By Dominic Nazareno
Unselbständig erwerbende Personen unterliegen in der Schweiz dem Schweizer Sozialversicherungsrecht und leisten u.a. Beiträge in die 2. Säule.
By Dominic Nazareno, Judith Lorenz
In its decision of 28 February 2018 (A-7299/2016), the Federal Admin-istrative Court had to deal with the eligibility for refund of the Swiss withholding tax levied on a divi-dend paid to an Irish group com-pany.
By Florian Hanslik, Ida Lesuma
Does the phrase "the heralded revolutions are not taking place" also apply to Swiss VAT? Didn't the discussion to revise VAT law begin with the simplifying notion of a uniform VAT rate?
By Anita Machin, Florian Hanslik
Bitcoin, tokens, ICO, blockchain, mining - Terms related to crypto currencies are on everyone's lips. However, there are many open questions and uncertainties...
By Florian Hanslik, Anita Machin
In the referendum of 23 June 2016, a majority of the UK decided that their country should leave the EU.
By Florian Hanslik, Olivia Pfister
Many changes to the VAT Law have been planned and discussed for a long time. These changes should actually have become effective on 1 January 2016.
By Florian Hanslik, Anita Machin
Bitcoin, Tokens, ICO, Blockchain, Mining – Die Begriffe rund um Kryptowährungen sind in aller Munde.