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By Benjamin I. Fink, Neal F. Weinrich
You might not think about non-competes, employee and customer non-solicits or trade secrets and confidential information very often. But we do.
By Benjamin I. Fink
Many times, the most qualified and experienced candidates for positions you are seeking to fill in your business are those who are currently working for your competitors.
By Kenneth N. Winkler
Nine former NFL security representatives recently filed a federal lawsuit against the NFL claiming they were misclassified as independent contractors and unlawfully fired by the league because of their age.
By William J. Piercy
Although no one plans on a dispute with a business partner, those who plan for that possibility at the inception of a relationship can benefit greatly.
By Daniel H. Park
The recent allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein have drawn national attention to the issue of sexual harassment.
By Ruari J. O'Sullivan
For commercial transactions, gone are the days of the sit-down closing.
By Benjamin I. Fink
What types of employees may be subjected to non-competes is one of the murkier issues under Georgia's "new" non-compete law.