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By Michael Bookman
A married couple retains tax lawyers to challenge assessments made by the Canadian Revenue Agency ("CRA").
By Michael Bookman
The Court of Appeal for Ontario recently released its decisions in six appeals regarding Ontario's Anti-SLAPP legislation.
By Eden Kaill
I'll admit that I kind of love generic corporate art – massive abstract paintings in hotel lobbies, huge and vaguely unsettling sculpture pieces outside bank towers. But here at the Babin Bessner...
By Cynthia Spry
The Law Times recently asked me about the Supreme Court's decision in v. Goldhar, 2018 SCC 28, and specifically, for the takeaway on convenient forums, in light of the Supreme Court's earlier decision...
By Brendan Monahan
Under what circumstances can a motion judge decide a contested factual issue using the expanded fact-finding powers under rule 20.04(2.1) of the Rules of Civil Procedure (the "Rules") ...
By Uri Snir
In a recent penalty ruling by the Law Society Tribunal, Mr. Darwin Anthony Yantha (the "Licensee") was ordered to surrender his licence to practice law in Ontario
By Eden Kaill
If you watch American legal dramas and then find yourself observing a Canadian court proceeding, you might be understandably disappointed that instead of this
By Cynthia Spry
In Di Gregorio v. Sunwing Vacations Inc., the Ontario Court of Appeal dealt with the jurisdiction of Ontario courts to hear claims for breach of contract even where the existence of the contract is itself disputed.
By Uri Snir
In response to its November 2017 empirical study, entitled Missing Out: Millenials and the Markets (which I previously summarized here), the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has released a further study.
By Eden Kaill
Ontario may soon have a new option for those wanting to become lawyers without ending up in unmanageable amounts of debt.
By Daniel Babin
In our June 20, 2018 blog post, we noted that in National Bank Financial Inc. v Canaccord Genuity Corp. the British Columbia Supreme Court held that non-solicitation clauses in employment agreements ...
By Uri Snir
Neither Mann nor James had a non-solicitation clause in their employment agreements with NBF.
By Shakaira John
In Law Society of Ontario v. Burtt, the Law Society Tribunal recently dismissed a disciplinary case against a Toronto lawyer, finding that the Law Society of Ontario (the "LSO") had failed to satisfy its duty to accommodate the lawyer's disability (mental illness).
By Cynthia Spry
The Ontario Court of Appeal recently found that a termination clause in a contract that appeared, on its face, to provide an unfettered right of termination is subject to the duty of good faith...
By Khrystina McMillan
This is our third blog post on the ongoing saga of the Ecuadorian villagers' attempts to enforce an Ecuadorian judgement against Chevron Canada Limited ("Chevron Canada") in Yaiguaje v. Chevron Corporation.