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Most Reader Response
By Andrew Mills, Emmanuel Amos, Ryan Brown, Kemi Greene
In this article, we look at 8 key considerations for parties contemplating a split between signing (also known as exchange) and completion (also known as closing).
By Mark Silveira, Peter Mallon
For investors facing unrelentingly low interest rates, private equity has been one of the best performing asset classes in the last six to seven years.
By Matthew Craig-Greene
Despite the existence of some genuinely distinctive individuals in the private equity industry, the difficulty of distinguishing private equity funds from one another is well-trodden ground.
By Mark Silveira, Charlene Cowen, Emma-Louise Curley
Pressure is growing in the alternative assets industry to shrink the pay gap between male and female staff
By Andrew Mills, Emmanuel Amos, Paul Durban, Ryan Brown
As competition for attractive assets becomes ever more intense, a wider range of investors are looking for businesses that are "distressed".
By Andrew Mills, Emmanuel Amos, Ryan Brown
Other local competition laws may also apply, depending on the home and trading jurisdictions of the buyer and the target business.
By Eamon Devlin, Mark Silveira
Carried interest is believed to have originated as long ago as the fourteenth century, in Renaissance Italy.
By Ben Gates, Simon Radford
The word "biotech" can easily deter investors. It conjures memories of half-understood science classes, endless clinical trials, and indecipherable formulae.
By Ben Gates, Simon Radford
We have compiled an investor checklist of some of the things that managers look for when deciding whether to invest in a potential company.
By Ben Gates, Simon Radford
The biotech sector is fundamentally linked to global healthcare expenditure, which in turn is dictated by the decisions of politicians, governments, and insurers, who form the overwhelming majority of "buyers".
By Matthew Craig-Greene, Ross Manton
21% of respondents to a recent LP survey expect to increase allocations to sub-Saharan Africa, with 17% looking to increase the pace of investment into the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.
By Andrew Mills, Emmanuel Amos, Ryan Brown
The GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018, imposing stricter controls in relation to the personal data of EU citizens, broad territorial application and significant penalties for breach.
By Whitney Lutgen, Mark Silveira
The private equity industry today spans the globe, but the United States and Europe remain its two biggest markets.
By Mark Silveira, Funke Omisore
Despite lowering or even jettisoning the hurdle, none of these managers has had any trouble raising capital.
By Eamon Devlin, Peter Mallon, Nikhil Nathwani
Typically, an investor in a blind pool private equity fund has little oversight on the deals being done by the GP.