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Most Reader Response
Most Reader Response
By Daniel Lewin
The Government yesterday delivered its 2018 Autumn Budget. Set against the continuing uncertainty of Brexit and the difficult domestic political climate, the Chancellor sought to demonstrate Government support ...
By Mark Pattimore, Lauren Radford
Over the last 10 years The Crown Dependencies: Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, have in their own ways sought to distance themselves from the label of ‘tax havens'.
By Andrew Mills, Emmanuel Amos, Paul Durban, Guy Grayson
When borrowing to fund an acquisition, leveraged loans have long been an active and robust asset class given the available liquidity in the market and the returns such loans can generate for lenders despite relatively low default rates.
By Shan Gao, Andrew Cheung
Whilst most DGFs share a common goal of achieving equity-like returns with a lower risk level, they still have a wide range of risk/return objectives, and a variety of approaches to achieving those objectives.
By Shan Gao, Andrew Cheung
Over the past few years, the rise of multi-asset strategies, especially DGFs, has been a significant trend in the UK institutional market.
By Mark Silveira
Attracting and holding on to the right talent is possibly the single biggest challenge for direct investors.
By Simon Radford
Founders can often be charismatic micromanagers, so precious about their idea that they stifle innovation, or hire more people who again resemble themselves.
By Andrew Cheung, Shan Gao
Some are based on quantitative or systematic processes, while others are qualitative in nature.
By Andrew Cheung, Shan Gao
In this report, we have looked at passive and active multi-asset strategies and have excluded any alternative risk premia , multi-asset income and credit funds.
By Simon Radford
Finally, venture investing is a competitive sport: if someone has an advantage, it should be expected that a rival will likely try and copy it.
By Paul Durban
Most contractual remedies available to Junior Creditors appear reactive in nature, in that they rely on the ability to take action, as permitted by the terms of the relevant credit documents.
By Paul Durban
Depending on what type of restructuring is contemplated and the facts and circumstances of the case, there may be rights and remedies available to Junior Creditors in addition to contractual rights...
By Paul Durban
It is a fundamental valuation principle that the value of any entity is equal to the present value of future cashflows.
By Eamon Devlin, Ted Craig, Shervin Shameli, Edyta Brozyniak
Compared to last year's data, there are now more staggered catch-ups in the sample.
By Simon Radford, Jack Fishburn
When it comes to the new media model, no one knows precisely what it will look like or what their competitors are doing.