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By Eamon Devlin, Mark Silveira
Most investors recognize the need to improve the baseline of information provided by management and strengthen fee and expense monitoring.
By Jack Fishburn, Simon Radford
Film and television EIS investments have never been more popular.
By Andrew Mills, Emmanuel Amos, Ryan Brown
Meet the developers if you can, as well as any members of the business' management or operations team who oversee the software's use and maintenance.
By Odi Lahav, Lauren Radford
Overall, we think that the changes proposed to EIS and VCTs are balanced.
By Eamon Devlin
These alternative carry structures suggest that carried interest, properly designed, is a formidable tool to align incentives between the GP and its LPs.
By Odi Lahav, Lauren Radford
We are excited to see the results of the government's expected announcement of the Patient Capital Review after much anticipation.
By Christopher Dearie, Ron Feldman
Unhelpfully for hedge fund managers, the FCA has chosen to extend the unbundling rules to AIFMs.
By Mark Silveira, Funke Omisore
Despite lowering or even jettisoning the hurdle, none of these managers has had any trouble raising capital.
By Lauren Radford
When it comes to the tax-advantaged world, we have often seen similar issues when it comes to the levels of transparency of fees, performance, and clarity of objectives.
By Ben Watford, Robert Eke
When deciding on the most favourable jurisdiction for the fund, there are a number of key considerations.
By Christopher Dearie
The FCA last week unveiled ambitious plans to stimulate competition in the asset management industry and strengthen investor protections.
By Eamon Devlin, Megan Lau
Co-investments are a good way for investors to get additional, selective exposure to private equity assets on a lower-cost basis.
By Mark Silveira, Nikhil Nathwani, Arooj Khan
A co-investment is where an LP makes an additional, separate investment in a target company in parallel with the main investment made by a fund (the Sponsor Fund) in which, oftentimes, the LP is itself an investor.
By Simon Radford
There is a spectre haunting the tax-advantaged market: the Patient Capital Review. The thinking of the Treasury is much remarked upon, but little known, with mentions like that of the Chancellor's...
By Matthew Craig-Greene
The UK financial services industry, including fund management, is likely to go through a stressful period over the next two years, and early indicators – based on comments made by both sides...