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By Ocorian  
As part of the EU's Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, Member States are now required to identify and record beneficial owners of companies, partnerships and trusts in order to increase transparency.
By Ocorian  
The banking sector is in a state of shock as fintech changes the dynamics of how traditional investments are done.
By Ocorian  
We have worked with wealthy families for many years and in this time have been heavily involved with the philanthropic efforts that various members of these families have undertaken.
By Rudy Tan, Grant Barbour
As technology brings more opportunities and governments tighten regulations, it's often the wealthy that must re-think their approaches.
By Richard Hansford
Following last week's Budget announcement, institutional investors in UK real estate could now face a capital gains tax levy on the disposal of all types of property – not just domestic, explains Ocorian's Richard Hansford.
By Richard Hansford
Properties not already chargeable to tax will be rebased to market value in April 2019 for this purpose.