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By Alley Huang
Many countries have governmental occupational health and safety standards to protect workers on the job.
By Bill Song
In many Western countries, written employee handbooks have been standard practice for most employers for decades.
By Bill Song
Employee terminations in China can be quite unlike terminating an employee in other countries.
By John Tan
Many foreign businesses are reluctant to register their brand name into Chinese, assuming that the brand will be recognizable, distinctive, and protected by one trademark filing.
By John Tan
China is a "first registration " jurisdiction when it comes to trademark protections, meaning that the first individual or corporate entity to register a trademark will generally take priority over...
By Bill Song
As China's economy has continued to experience economic growth at a rate unparalleled among modern economies, the country's GDP has expanded at a rate of nearly 6-7% per year for more than 20 years.
By Kristy Guo
As the Chinese economy continues to expand at over 6% per year, PRC citizens are seeing their incomes rise rapidly.
By Téo Doremus
Operating from inside mainland China is also a prerequisite for acquiring an ICP license.
By Téo Doremus
Nonetheless, and despite some misconceptions about property law in China, Chinese landlord-tenant law does protect tenants in some meaningful ways.
By Cathy Deng
This can include bad blood between the terminated employee, other employees and management, among other scenarios.
By Gray Liu
This is where careful forethought and planning can make a big difference to a foreign brand's success in China.
By Cathy Deng
China's infamous attempt at exercising control over its inbound foreign investments is embodied by the yearly issuance of the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (the Catalogue).
By Téo Doremus
Like many countries, China has numerous state agencies that make decisions that affect Chinese companies, consumers, and citizens on a daily basis.
By Peter C. Pang
As China continues to develop truly world-class e-commerce and other Internet and technology companies like Alibaba, Huawei, and others, a new problem is rearing its head for these and other companies.