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By Gord McGuire
Here are five of the most common grounds that landlords would do well to note.
By Gord McGuire
There were once again very few reported decisions in Canada involving insurance broker's negligence in 2018. Of those that were decided, however, it was a decidedly good year in the courts for brokers.
By John Adair
Diplomatic immunity, distinct from state immunity, is an issue that does not often arise in commercial relations, but one that Canadian companies must nonetheless be mindful of when dealing with foreign states
By Jordan Katz
The Supreme Court of Canada's seminal 2014 decision, Hryniak v. Mauldin, promised a "culture shift" that promoted the use of summary judgment motions as a means to achieve more timely and affordable access to justice to parties in the civil litigation system.
By Gord McGuire
Section 128 of the Insurance Act provides a unique process to resolve disputes between insurers and policyholders as to the value of lost or damaged property under a property insurance policy.
By Gord McGuire
As court reporters the world over know, lawyers regularly fall into dispute as to whether a given discovery or cross-examination question is proper.
By Gord McGuire
Imagine an Ontario homeowner walks into your office asking whether she has a case against her insurance company relating to a fire that destroyed her home.
By Gord McGuire
2017 saw the 40th anniversary of the Ontario Court of Appeal's seminal decision in Fine's Flowers but proved an otherwise unremarkable year in the law of insurance broker's negligence. Here is a look at three notable decisions in Canada and other commonwealth countries.
By Gord McGuire
A recent Alberta decision provides a sobering reminder to landlords to comply with the vacancy provisions of their property insurance policies – or else risk losing their insurance coverage.