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By Paulo Prado, Tatiana Kascher, Marianne Albers, Tiago Cortez
The term for the analysis, disregarding the compliance with specific technical requests made by the government official, is seven days.
By Tania Liberman, Vanessa Pirró, Fernando Bousso, Rafael Pessoa
The Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade and the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office have opened a public consultation to discuss their newest proposal to simplify pending patent applications in Brazil.
By Paulo Prado, Marianne Albers, Vanessa Tafla
Came into force on August 05, 2017, Resolution No. 74/2017, of the Environment Secretariat of the State of São Paulo, simplifying the environmental licensing of power generation by solar...
By Marianne Albers, Tatiana Kascher, Paulo Prado, Tiago Cortez
The Drugs Market Regulation Chamber (CMED) opened yesterday, September 13, 2017, a public consultation regarding resolution proposed...
By Paulo Prado, Marianne Albers, Vanessa Tafla
However, there are still other ADIs discussing the constitutionality of other State laws under analysis of the STF.