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Russian Federation
By Stefan Wolfgang Weber, Tatiana Dovgan, Artem Kara
The amounts of potential fines for antitrust violations in Russia are being amended, mostly reduced, with effect from 28 April 2017.
By Natalya Babenkova, Viktor Gerbutov
Starting on 12 July 2017 a new pretrial requirement entered into force in Russia.
By Natalya Babenkova
Thus, franchiseagreements typically include indemnification provisions for breach-of-contract claims.
By Hannes Lubitzsch, Olga Mokhonko
2016 wurden in Russland hunderte Unternehmen mit Geldbußen wegen Korruptionsdelikten belegt.
By Viktor Gerbutov, Tatiana Dovgan
A number of non-Russian brand owners in the automotive and medical products industries have received warnings from Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service regarding allegedly unjustified restrictions ...
By Bärbel Sachs, Thomas Mundry
Aufgrund des weitreichenden Geltungsbereichs der Verbote der EU- und US-Sanktionen haben multinationale Konzerne in vielen Situationen auf der einen Seite keine andere Wahl, als ihre russischen Tochtergesellschaften anzuhalten, die Sanktionen einzuhalten.
By Bärbel Sachs, Thomas Mundry
Due to the far reaching scope of application and prohibitions of EU and US embargoes and sanctions law, multinational businesses in many situations have no other choice than to require that their Russian subsidiaries comply with Sanctions.
For companies interested in entering the Russian market but reluctant to establish a physical presence there, an online presence can be a viable alternative.
By Stefan Wolfgang Weber, Artem Kara, Tatiana Dovgan
This is a sign of the Russian antitrust authority's fight against bid rigging, now in practice inflicting personal liability on the individuals involved.
By Stefan Wolfgang Weber, Artem Kara, Tatiana Dovgan
Prior to the latest developments, the negative consequences were limited to an administrative fine of RUB 1,000,000.
By Stefan Wolfgang Weber, Artem Kara, Tatiana Dovgan
Wird diese Anforderung nicht erfüllt, kann FAS gerichtlich beantragen, dass der dieser Aufforderung nicht Folge leistende ausländische Investor seine Stimmrechte in Hauptversammlungen...
By Stefan Wolfgang Weber, Artem Kara, Tatiana Dovgan
Die Handlungen der Gesellschaften stellten ein Verstoß gegen das russische Kartellrecht dar und gegen beide Gesellschaften wurden Geldbußen verhängt.