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By Nabeel Peermohamed - Brownlee LLP
The Alberta Rules of Court permit videotaping of an Independent Medical Examination. However, the question becomes: Who may watch that video? Rule 5.43(3) states the video must be provided to the other party.
By Nabeel Peermohamed - Brownlee LLP
In Humphreys v. Tebilcock, 2017 ABCA 116, the Court of Appeal allowed the applications dismissing the Plaintiffs' claims for long delay, reversing the chambers decision of the justice below.
By Nabeel Peermohamed - Brownlee LLP
In Alberta, occupiers owe a duty to maintain a reasonable system of maintenance and inspection to keep their premises reasonably safe for lawful visitors.
By Nabeel Peermohamed - Brownlee LLP
In Canada, municipalities face liability as occupiers when plaintiffs are accidentally injured on their property. These accidents include slip and falls on icy sidewalks or motor vehicle collisions on poorly designed roads.