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By Erin B. Bodendorfer
Does it matter when you file for divorce? Yes, in a divorce case involving maintenance, the filing date of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in Illinois may impact the term of the maintenance award.
By Zachary M. Kafoglis
The practice of family law can be extremely difficult. When couples are involved in the divorce process they are experiencing the worst crisis of their lives.
By Kathryn A. McMahon
When getting a divorce, you should be certain to discuss with your accountant the various tax issues that need to be considered.
By Ashley D. Wood
College is expensive. That is a simple fact, and usually a major challenge for most parents and young adults. Many twenty-somethings are saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt...
By Amanda B. Clayman
The parents of a child with special needs have a higher divorce rate than the overall population.
By J. Matthew Linstroth
Clients often ask their lawyers if their soon to be ex-spouse can be required to pay their legal fees at the end of a divorce case.
By Terri L. Brieske
I recently posted a question to my friends on Facebook: what was the biggest regret in your divorce or the ending of a significant relationship?
By P. André Katz
Four months from now, we will all be enjoying sunshine, warm weather, our beautiful beaches and of course, the Chicago Cubs.
By Daniel R. Stefani
For as long as I can remember, when it comes to custody issues in a divorce case, Cook County law has always required parties to mediate these issues.