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Most Reader Response
Most Reader Response
By Kenneth Krys
Learn how to recognize and investigate offshore financial services sector fraud.
By Christopher Smith, Mathew Clingerman
As many offshore professionals will be aware, Segregated Portfolio Companies originated in Guernsey (Channel Islands) and Delaware (USA), but two jurisdictions in particular, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, ...
By Kenneth Krys, Charlotte Caulfield
Fairfield Sentry Limited is one of the first of the larger offshore feeder funds (that we are aware of) to pay distributions to its shareholders.
By Kenneth Krys, Charlotte Caulfield
Clawback claims in excess of $6 billion of overpaid redemptions have been brought by the Fairfield Sentry liquidators in about 300 United States Bankruptcy Court claims pending before Judge Bernstein...
By Timothy Le Cornu, Andrea Harris
In a recent application for an increase in liquidators' fees in accordance with Practice Direction 3 of 2015...
By Kenneth Krys, Charlotte Caulfield
An order issued by the U.S. Supreme Court this morning denied Farnum Place, LLC's petition for certiorari.
By Kenneth Krys
Many sophisticated fraudsters use offshore bank accounts and corporate vehicles to conceal their proceeds of fraud.
By Kenneth Krys, Charlotte Caulfield
Kenneth Krys and Charlotte Caulfield secured a further victory in their long-running litigation with US hedge-fund Farnum Place LLC before the US Second Circuit of Appeals.
By Benjamin Clarke
A British Virgin Islands court has sanctioned a liquidator's application for a blended fee remuneration, including a percentage of revenue from assets sold...