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By G. Vrikis & Associates LLC
In continuation of the ratification of the Cyprus-Iran Double Tax Treaty in January 2017, the Cyprus Government has announced that the Cyprus-Iran Double Taxation Treaty has now entered into force...
By G. Vrikis & Associates LLC
By a decision of the House of Representatives in July 2016, amendments have been made to the Immovable Property Tax Law (the "Property Tax").
By G. Vrikis & Associates LLC
The Treaty is expected to encourage further economic development and cooperation between the two countries, and attract further international investments into Cyprus.
By G. Vrikis & Associates LLC
For private sector employees and private sector pensioners, the Special Contribution related to services rendered in Cyprus.
By G. Vrikis & Associates LLC
Additional details for this new Scheme shall follow once the full information is released by the Cyprus Government.
By G. Vrikis & Associates LLC
Based on the announcement, the existing practice with the minimum acceptable margins will apply up to 30th June 2017,