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By Richard L. Thomas, Sam Tyfield, Jonathan Maude, Jonathan Edgelow
The United Kingdom is one of the favored locations for U.S. businesses to set up their first base in Europe.
By Esther Langdon, Jonathan Maude
While many US employers struggle to make sense of the patchwork of state and local sick leave laws, European Union (EU) employers face a different set of challenges involving mandatory vacation entitlements.
By Esther Langdon, Jonathan Maude
GlaxoSmithKline's recent announcement of Emma Walmsley as CEO, making her the seventh female FTSE 100 CEO, has focused greater attention on the merits of diversity at board level...
By Esther Langdon, Jonathan Maude
The Tribunal said that Ms. Dewhurst was a worker, and awarded her two days' holiday pay.
By Sam Tyfield
The biggest news in compliance this year is that MiFID 2 is likely to be delayed until January 2018. What are the implications?