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By Efraim Weinstein Law Offices
The primary purpose of the Sale Law (Apartments) (Assurance of Investments of Apartments Purchasers) (the "Act") is to secure the consideration paid by purchasers by granting them various securities.
By Tsippy Bengi
The Wassenaar Agreement includes a long list of products that are included under export regulations, mostly of the traditional security industry.
By Efraim Weinstein Law Offices
It has been over a decade since the National Outline Plan (NOP) 38 in the matter of building reinforcements from earthquakes, was first approved.
By Tsippy Bengi
A licensing agreement is a legal contract between two parties, known as a licensor and a licensee.
By Tsippy Bengi
The proposed bill is supposed to be brought for final vote in the Knesset on November this year.
By Hanan Efraim
One of the most significant issues in the capital raising process relates to the identity and character of the potential investors.
By Hanan Efraim
There are a few exceptions to this right, including allotting securities to employees of the company and issuance to a strategic investor.
By Hanan Efraim
The Investment Promotion Law grants an exemption from displaying a prospectus to companies seeking to raise capital by way of crowd funding, and provided they meet certain terms.
By Chen Weinstein
It is a well known rule that the municipal authority may not assume authority which was not specifically instilled upon it by law.
By Hanan Efraim
End User License Agreement (EULA) is a license agreement regulating the relationship between the software developer and the end user.
By Hadar Yair
In recent years, we have witnessed a trend that is growing ever more common, in which various companies decide to "extract" from their ranks specific R&D works, and deliver their development to external companies that specialize in that specific field.