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By Margaret O'Sullivan
U.S. tax reform measures were signed into law by President Trump on December 22, 2017, culminating a whirlwind legislative process at the end of 2017 which resulted in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ...
By O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP
According to a Statistics Canada 2012 survey, approximately one in seven Canadians over 15 years old experiences some type of disability, and this number is growing.
By Margaret O'Sullivan, Emma Hamilton, Sara Beheshti
But Canadians cannot be complacent. Lurking beneath the surface is a variety of undercurrents that spell potential turbulence and trouble ahead.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
As we look forward in our crystal ball to looming issues on the horizon for 2018 and onwards, one that certainly comes to the fore is the regulation of those who provide financial advice and financial planning services, ...
By Emma Hamilton
When family wealth is at stake, parents may wish to encourage their children to enter into a domestic contract with their partners.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
No doubt many U.S. legislators were chewing on tax reform over the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend, as well as enjoying their turkey, as unprecedented momentum is moving U.S reforms ...
By Susannah Roth
One of the questions we often get asked by people who are planning their estates or for incapacity is who they should appoint to be the executors of their will or their substitute decision makers...
By Margaret O'Sullivan
One of the increasing challenges facing parents and other family members today is achieving success in their estate planning - passing on their wealth well.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Last time, we discussed the factors clients should consider when transitioning the family cottage or vacation property.
By Emma Hamilton
In estate planning, a parent typically wishes to provide for their children and each child's family.
By Sara Beheshti
While this statistic points to the importance of MAID for many Canadians, the new legislation has not settled the ongoing debate concerning the right to die.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
A cottage or other vacation home can be a significant personal, emotional and financial commitment.
By Susannah Roth
On January 1, 2017, most of the provisions of the All Families Are Equal Act (Parentage and Related Registrations Statute Law Amendments), 2016 (S.O. 2016, c. 23) came into effect in Ontario.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
As we return from Labour Day weekend and reflect back on the summer that never quite was, a major issue that will grab attention over the next weeks, now that it's business as usual again...
By Sara Beheshti
One of the interesting changes in our modern age when it comes to succession on death is that for many people, most of what they pass to their family and others will not be through their will...