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By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
The final edition of our summer safety series will focus on participating in sports. Summer is a great time for children to get out, get active and play with other children.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
In our last post in this blog series, we discussed the very real danger of compassion fatigue for long-term caregivers. While family members dedicate themselves to the care of their loved ones, caring for the ill, disabled or elderly can exert tremendous pressure on both body and mind.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
New research out of the University of Toronto suggests that music may help spinal injury patients move their legs again.
By Janet Lebeau, Law Clerk
Canadian midwives have a very successful track record in managing low-risk births. But even these highly-educated practitioners can unintentionally cause a serious birth injury if their negligence or incompetence breaches the standards of care all Canadian patients expect.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
A woman whose eggs were stored at ReproMed – the Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine (TIRM) has filed a class action lawsuit, alleging the fertility company was negligent in its inspection, monitoring and maintenance of a storage freezer which failed in late May, destroying her eggs and hopes for a family.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
When it comes to keeping a child safe in a motor vehicle, choosing the right car seat and using it correctly is critical. In an accident, an improperly secured child is at risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury which can result in life-long consequences.
By Brenda Agnew
Brenda Agnew, client liaison at Gluckstein Lawyers, is a mom to two boys. Her youngest son Maclain has Cerebral Palsy. Through an ongoing blog series, Brenda shares the many different aspects...
By Jordan D. Assaraf, Dianne Henderson
Your neighbour gives you a friendly wave as you walk out your door.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
Research was published on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) examining brain disease among football players in the Journal of the American Medical Association ...
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
With summer vacation season just around the corner, we'll look at some of the major risks for children regarding summer activities, and what parents should know before their child participates.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
With Summer in full swing and cyclists sharing the roads, now is a good time to brush up on safety tips that will make your rides more enjoyable, safe and comfortable.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
Ontario's roads are among the safest around. According to the Ministry of Transportation, they ranked as the first or second safest in North America for 16 years straight.
By Charles Gluckstein, Jessica Golosky
New research, advances in technology and regular reviews of existing assumptions and practices often help medical practitioners refine their approach and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
We have always believed that caregiving professionals should engage in self-care and self-advocacy.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
Ontario-grown research indicates that young players returning to play may be at risk despite post-concussion medical clearance.