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By Nicholas McCarthy, Carl Millington
If there are competing applications for substitution, the Court has discretion to decide which application is successful.
By Nicholas McCarthy, Carl Millington
Telstra sought an urgent interlocutory injunction for Optus to cease using that advertising or similar advertisements.
By Robert Gordon, Anthony Pointon
If the bill to enact OECD BEPS Measure 15 is passed, Australia will be one of the first signatories to implement it.
By Felicity Cara-Carson, Stefano Mazzeo
A colour can function as a trade mark if the public has come to identify the colour with a business' goods or services.
By Anthony Pointon, Robert Gordon, Jonathan Slade
This article offers further detail to consider tax announcements mentioned in the 2018 Federal Budget papers.
By Felicity Cara-Carson
Australian businesses, individuals, public authorities, agencies and other bodies may also need to comply with the GDPR.
By Anthony Pointon
You may be entitled to a refund if you were incorrectly assessed on a transfer of land due to changes in partnership interests.
By Laszlo Konya, Ben Drysdale
Recent case reiterates the importance of suppliers & lenders obtaining personal guarantees that have been carefully drafted. .
By Ted Vlahos, Andrew Power, Krysten Laletas
Explanation of a Terms Contract and the consequences of engaging in a Terms Contract. .
By Matthew Francke, Kieran Bowling (formerly with Pointon Partners), Carl Millington
Explanation of what Protection Work actually is, and the process involved.
By Michael Bishop
Uber has carefully structured its operations to ensure that their drivers and couriers are genuine independent contractors.
By Ted Vlahos, Carl Millington
The real estate industry in Victoria thrown into chaos after Court denies estate agents right to receive commission.
By Michael Bishop, Jonathan Slade
The changes apply to all adults in Victoria, especially those with ageing family members and to the medical profession.
By Ted Vlahos, Andrew Power, Krysten Laletas
These draft rules will shift the obligation to remit GST from developers to the purchasers of "new residential land".
By Michael Bishop, Ben Drysdale
This is a brief checklist of critical (but often overlooked) items, to assist in a reflection on your business practices.
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