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By Bhumesh Verma
Limited Liability Partnership is a form of enterprise that merges certain advantages of a partnership with those of a company.
By Bhumesh Verma
The Indian Civil Aviation sector has seen a lot of growth since the early 2000s.
By Bhumesh Verma
The Government of India ("GOI") has allowed for 100% Foreign Direct Investment ("FDI") in the education sector under the automatic route.
By Bhumesh Verma
Indian Broadcasting sector is a sunrise sector for the economy making high growth strides.
By Bhumesh Verma
In last 25 years, Indian telecom sector has seen rapid changes with the advent of private investment and FDI.
By Bhumesh Verma
Over the years since liberalisation of the Indian economy in 1991, India witnessed a significant interest of foreign investors in the Indian NBFC sector.
By Bhumesh Verma
The government of India, in order to encourage more FDI, has approved a scheme for granting permanent residency status (PRS) to foreign investors.