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By Özlem Kızıl Voyvoda, Gülşen Engin, Deniz Uras
The Council of Ministers' decision on the Procedures and Principles Relating to Tenders to be Undertaken by the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries (the "Administration") ...
By Çağdaş Evrim Ergün
The Amending Regulation prohibits the transfer, directly or indirectly, of the shares of the license-exempt generation facility owners at the construction stage of the project
By Çağdaş Evrim Ergün
In this sense, as the term "English courts" is found to be vague, the contracting parties must also specify in the contract the specific court in which the disputes are to be resolved.
By Çağdaş Evrim Ergün, Özlem Kızıl Voyvoda, Gülşen Kutlu
With the continuous efforts towards liberalization of the electricity market in Turkey, the importance of applicability of consumer legislation to the electricity sector and the way in which it is specifically applied is increasing day by day.