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By Joanne Knoth, Renae Harg
Employers should inform employees as early as possible of the necessity for annual leave or for work over this period.
By Nikita Barsby, Madeleine Brown
This article, Day Three of the series, highlights how to deal with the Christmas Party aftermath if things do go wrong.
By Mark Cox, Renae Harg
Article reminds employers to be mindful of their obligations during the Christmas party and provides tips to mitigate risks.
By Joanne Knoth, Lauren Wright
Article outlines the key issues that employers should turn their mind to when planning a work party.
By Nikita Barsby, Gemma Little
Article discusses the commissioner's considerations regarding contractors vis-a-vis employees.
By Mark Cox, Madeleine Brown
This employee, who was suspended without pay when she breached the conditions of her visa, was held unfairly dismissed.
By Nikita Barsby, Lauren Wright
Employers should take care to avoid questions which may later be relied on by the interviewee to mount legal claims.
By Gemma Little
Articles discusses vexatious complaints made by employees - the courts approach and risk mitigation by employers.
By Madeleine Brown
Article answers many frequently asked questions relating to smoking at work.
By Madeleine Brown, Nikita Barsby
This case demonstrates that an employee's social media activity can be very relevant to claims relating to employment.
By Renae Harg
This decision represents a significant shift from the previous industrial approach to identifying casual employees.
By Nikita Barsby, Lauren Wright
Both employers and employees are wise to check that hourly rates are correct - read this article!
By Mark Cox, Lauren Wright, Gemma Little
Does an employer have the right to direct an employee to attend an independent medical assessment?
By Lauren Hodson
Employers paying certain employees disproportionately lower wages on the basis of gender are vulnerable to legal claims.
By Lauren Wright
The growing debate on whether all Australian employees should have a minimum entitlement to take domestic violence leave. .