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By Lauren Hodson
Employers paying certain employees disproportionately lower wages on the basis of gender are vulnerable to legal claims.
By Lauren Wright
The growing debate on whether all Australian employees should have a minimum entitlement to take domestic violence leave. .
By Ruth Collins, Mark Cox
When determining modern award coverage, employers must look to the "principle purpose" of the employee's position.
By Nicholas Parkinson (formerly with MDC Legal)
Failure to keep accurate and up to date records, or to produce records if requested, may result in financial penalties.
By Mark Cox, Lauren Wright
LinkedIn is one example of how social media intercepts with the workplace in ways that challenge traditional employment.
By Mark Cox, Lauren Wright
It would be prudent to consider to review your own contracts and employment practices in light of the Navitas decision.
By Nikita Barsby
As 2018 gets underway - what will your business do better this year in its approach to workplace relations?
The decision is a red flag to external advisors who are involved with HR, payroll and employee entitlements for clients.
When organising the office party, employers should mindful of these tips to safely enjoy the end of year celebrations.
By Nikita Barsby
From time to time, any employer may need to performance manage an employee who is experiencing mental illness issues.
By Mark Cox
Employment contracts must be consistent with the NES and Modern Awards, or employers could face pecuniary penalties.
By Mark Cox
A breach of an employment contract is when an employer or employee fails to honour the terms of the individual contract.
By Nicholas Parkinson (formerly with MDC Legal)
Employers must exercise care when drafting employment contracts with bonus provisions, and when deciding to pay bonuses.
By Ruth Collins
It is apparent that the reduction in penalty rates will continue to remain a contentious political issue in the future.
By Conor Fahey
An interim order restrained an employer from dismissing an employee until his anti-bullying application was determined.