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By Aldo de Landa
In binding jurisprudence published July 1, 2016, a Mexican appellate court resolved a conflict between prior decisions regarding the burden of proof in trademark invalidation actions brought on the basis of false statements in the application.
By Manuel Morante
On June 1st 2016, the Executive Order for the reform and addition of regulations to the Industrial Property Law was published in the Federal Official Gazette, which incorporates the opposition procedure into the legal framework.
By Arochi & Linder
Mexico is a civil law country, meaning that the Mexican system does not rely on stare decisis or considers case law as binding precedent. As a result, the Mexican intellectual property statues are significantly more detailed than their US compliments.
By Marina Hurtado
So far in 2014 and based on the fundamental rights of health and the greater interest of childhood, the Mexican government has taken different measures in sanitary regulation matters...
By Marina Hurtado
En lo que va del 2014 y con base en los derechos fundamentales a la salud y el interés superior de la niñez...