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By Simon Kelly
The beautiful Isle of Man is situated in the heart of the Irish Sea, centrally located between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
By John Nelson
The job of trustee is an onerous one, which makes choosing the right trustee extremely important.
By Christine Breitler
Various tax exemptions or concessions exist for holding companies in relation to federal and cantonal taxes when specific criteria are met.
By Robin Hagerman
Sark, in the Channel Islands, is located close to Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney and is a unique and unspoiled island with no airport or cars.
By Peter Robertson
The UK non-dom regime remains an attractive option for individuals seeking to move from their country of origin or current location.
By Simon Kelly
The Isle of Man is once again looking to take the lead in a new sector with the proposed launch of the Alternative Banking Regime (ABR).
By Robert Homem
Cyprus has introduced a Notional Interest Deduction (NID) in relation to new equity capital. This is effectively a tax allowable deduction against the taxable profits of a company.
By Sean Dowden
Malta offers five residence programmes to meet different individual circumstances. Some are appropriate for non-EU individuals while others provide an incentive to EU residents to move to Malta.
By   Dixcart
The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is based on FATCA principles and will result in a substantial increase in the flow of cross-border personal financial information.
By   Dixcart
When individuals who are potential beneficiaries of trusts are planning to move to Portugal and will become Non Habitual Residents (NHRs) they need to review the trust position prior to any future distributions being made.
By Peter Robertson
It was announced that the corporation tax rate for financial year starting 1 April 2020 will be reduced to 17%. Based on these legislated plans the UK will then have the lowest corporation tax rate of any of the G20 countries.
By Sean Dowden
Malta has experienced a significant increase in the registration of new companies during the past few years and a consistent growth in Gross Domestic Product, boosted by the success of the financial services sector.
By Graham Sutcliffe
Individuals and families are becoming increasingly mobile and the ability to hold a second passport is becoming more relevant.
By Graham Sutcliffe
Nevis is a leading international Caribbean financial centre with a good reputation and excellent compliance standards.
By John Nelson
Significant reforms to the taxation of non-UK domiciled, longer term residents of the UK were proposed in the first UK Budget since the May 2015 General Election.