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By Marcelo Gustavo Silva Siqueira
We refer to the wrongful decision of the highest level of Brazil's tax administrative court (CSRF, Decision 9101-001.908 of May 13, 2014) against the deductibility for income tax purposes (IRPJ) of any royalties...
By Patricia Garbin
Technological development and the democratization of the internet in recent years in Brazil have enabled the dissemination of audiovisual works of all kinds on the Internet...
By Caterina Luca
All in all, it is clear that the purpose of the Bill N. 406/2013 is to expand the application of arbitration in Brazil, so as to reduce the amount of lawsuits in the Judicial Branch...
By Antonio Garbelini Junior, André Franchini Giusti
On October 1st, 2014, the Administrative Council of Economic Defense ("CADE") approved the amendments on CADE's Resolution n. 2, which provides the regulation of Pre-Merger Control Notification...
By Marcelo Gustavo Silva Siqueira
According to analysts Brazil shall spend US$ 33 billion (1,3% of GDP) in R&D in 2014.
By André Franchini Giusti
The Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission ("CVM") enacted on September 25th, 2014 the CVM Rule No. 551 ("CVM Rule 551/14"), which, among others, amended CVM Rule No. 476...
By Siqueira Castro Advogados
On November 14th 2014, Federal Law no. 13,043/2014 was enacted. Among its main goals are the dynamization of Brazilian Capital Market and the improvement of the tax norms applied to its operations.
By Daniel Pitanga
The e-commerce has been growing around the world and challenging the law, mainly because of the international nature of substantial portion of transactions related to online sales.
By André Franchini Giusti, Lorena Silva Guimarães
The public consultation period ended in November 28, 2014, but CADE has not yet set a deadline for the publication of the final text of the resolution arising out of this public consultation.
By Andre Albuquerque, Yasmin Silva
The appointed arbitrator ruled for the enforceability of the clause and scheduled a meeting in order to the parties celebrate the Terms of Reference.