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1. Levent
By Onur Sahin
Electronic notification systems are used worldwide to ease correspondence between parties but in Turkey, the system is a bit confusing.
By Selin Ozbek Cittone
The Law is expected to enter into force in the course of April 2016.
By Selen Ibrahimoglu Gures
Long lasting rules of determining representation powers and bank mandates in corporations i.e joint stock companies (AS), for third party transactions are being re-shaped.
By Onur Sahin
Intellectual Property (IP) simply refers to the creations of human mind which include inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names and images used in commerce.
By Onur Sahin
TV formats are so popular and widely traded all around the world. Therefore, they lead highly-profitable business and this turns TV formats into precious assets.
By Selen Ibrahimoglu Gures
The list of the preliminary information to be provided to the consumers before the conclusion of a sale transaction is longer in the DCR compared to the previous regulation.
By Selen Ibrahimoglu Gures
The main purpose of the Law on Electronic Commerce effective as of May 1, 2015 is to define the liabilities of the service providers or intermediaries in terms of electronic commerce and for communicating with their customers.