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By Jyoti Chauhan
The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system helps applicant seeking patent protection at the international level for their inventions.
By Effectual Knowledge Services
A patent is enforceable as it is granted. According to the new research, almost 90% of the patents issued by USPTO contain at least one mistake.
By Effectual Knowledge Services
As already said, not all inventors are good illustrators, which is why most inventors hire patent illustrators who have got vast experience in drafting patent drawings.
By Effectual Knowledge Services
Essence of every business lies in its planning. We know it as a ‘Business Plan'. On a bird's eye view, a business plan defines the company's objectives for sustenance and growth.
By Effectual Knowledge Services
"Unless a product is new, captures the imagination of the people and creates value, it is lacking its appeal to the public at large."
By Effectual Knowledge Services
The impetus for acquiring the technology lies in the answer of the these questions.
By Effectual Knowledge Services
One of the major influencers in the Indian Patent context has been the TRIPs agreement.
By Effectual Knowledge Services
While the outsourcing as a phenomenon has been around centuries, the real impetus to outsourcing was provided by the technological advances of the late 20th century.
By Effectual Knowledge Services
A patent is an exclusive right conferred on person or legal entity to exclude others from making, using, and selling the patented invention for a limited time period.