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By Courtney Alexander, Ruth Slater
The latest Contentious Business Report 2018 contains an important update relevant to the WA Workers' Compensation Scheme.
By Rosan Santangelo, Emily Gibson
This new bill introduces a specific whistleblower protection regime for people who expose misconduct in tax affairs.
By Chris Murphy, Madeline Cootes
The decision to deny liability to pay compensation because of "reasonable administrative action" exclusions was set aside.
By James Makowiak, Nathan Hepple
Employee sues - did the injury occur during a shift of work or during an interval between 2 detached shifts of work? .
By Naomi Adams
Article discusses case that considered the reasonable administrative action defence.
By Rosan Santangelo
The GDPR is focused on activities in the EU, but it is drafted very broadly and can impact organisations in Australia.
By Rosan Santangelo
Article discusses standards & recommendations made by the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.
By Naomi Adams
The case was in favour of the employer when Mr Dekker could not prove that work was a significant contributing factor.
By James Makowiak, Nathan Hepple
Treatment must have a long term benefit to be considered to be reasonably required for the purposes of compensation.
By Naomi Adams
To be entitled to compensation, a worker must prove that work is not just the scene of the pain, it must be a cause of it.
By Andrew Gulyas, Chris Murphy
The employer must prove that if not for the administrative action, the employee would not have suffered the condition.
By Dean Cupac
Article discusses Lean Six Sigma and stresses that law firms need to embrace innovation.
By Rebecca Tloczek, Brett Ablong
The Tribunal considered that the worker no longer suffered from an injury significantly contributed to by employment.
By Andrew Gulyas, Chris Murphy
A transporter van for a wheelchair qualified as an 'aid or appliance', as prescribed by section 39(1)(e) of the SRC Act.
By Rebecca Tloczek, Brett Ablong
Also, caution should be shown in accepting liability for major treatment where the accepted claim was for a minor injury.