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By Laxmi Joshi, Aditi Rani
Young India is turning entrepreneurial and with dozens of success stories of start-ups making it big, the age of entrepreneurship seems to have finally arrived.
By Sharanya Ranga, Laxmi Joshi, Aditi Rani
The Delhi High Court in the case of Cruz City 1 Mauritius Holdings versus Unitech Limited recently ruled that contravention of India's exchange control laws cannot be a ground to challenge enforcement...
By Sharanya Ranga, Riya Dutta
With protectionist winds holding sway in the developed economies, India seems to be bucking the trend with the notification of Section 234 of the Companies Act, 2013 on 13th April 2017...
By Ramesh K. Vaidyanathan, Mansi Singh
India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world, fuelled by factors such as rising income levels and competitive airfares.
By Probal Bose
The Guidelines provide draft clauses that have to be included in such contracts with cloud service providers.
By Probal Bose, Sharanya Ranga
The ‘fintech' space in India has seen a dramatic boom in terms of technological developments over the past few years.
By Nidhi Tandon
Failing to tell the water bottles apart, the judge ordered the infringer to stop manufacturing its product.
By Sharanya Ranga, Laxmi Joshi
The government led demonetization drive in November 2016 led to a surge in the usage of digital payments in India with even mom and pop stores and hawkers embracing cash-free payment options.
By Ramesh K. Vaidyanathan, Mansi Singh
In the recent case of IMAX Corporation vs. E-City Entertainment (I) Pvt. Ltd., the Supreme Court of India has emphasized that Indian courts cannot exercise jurisdiction over foreign seated international commercial arbitrations.
By Sharanya Ranga, Mansi Singh
The boom in e-commerce in India over the past few years has paved the way for a spate of consumer complaints across India, with customers not having adequate information about pre-packaged commodities...
By Ramesh K. Vaidyanathan, Sayeli Mehra
IGNOU, a statutory university, develops educational programs for distant learning that are offered globally. Universal Empire Institute of Technology is a Dubai based company.
By Priyanka Shetty
A will shall be operational only after the death of the testator and under no situation will it be operational when the testator is alive.
By Ramesh K. Vaidyanathan, Probal Bose
There were laws created for businesses and there were laws created for people.
By Ramesh K. Vaidyanathan
In World Bank's ranking on resolving insolvency, India stood 136th in 2016.
By Sharanya Ranga, Pooja Thacker
E-commerce companies generally adopt a marketplace model offering a platform connecting buyers and sellers.