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By Jimmy Nicholls
The exclusion of messaging firm Snap from the S&P 500 index has re-opened debate on whether indexes should include firms with multiple share classes, and even whether such companies should exist.
By Simon Osborne
As I write, a programme of briefing and discussion meetings is underway across the UK, Crown Dependencies and Ireland to present the international Institute's proposed Charter and byelaw changes to members.
By Jimmy Nicholls
A British court ruling against employment tribunal fees has raised fears that businesses, mediators and the courts could face a greater burden of cases irrespective of their employment practices.
A clash in court between two pharmaceutical giants highlights the importance of consistency and clarity in legal documents, says Paul Harris of Venner Shipley.
By Lydia Newman
Although the Queen's Speech on 21 June did not contain as much as it might have had the Conservatives won a majority, it included a number of key employment law-related matters.
By Robert Bell
Robert Bell of Bryan Cave argues more small-market mergers are likely to be cleared under new de minimis guidelines.
By Denise Wilson
Firms should create change by submitting gender-leadership data, says the Hampton-Alexander Review's Denise Wilson.
By Simon Osborne
Charities need to up their game to restore public trust, says Simon Osborne of ICSA.
By Jimmy Nicholls
Low faith in business leadership, unmoved by the elite crisis, needs addressing, says Jimmy Nicholls.
By Anthony Hilton
The chief executive of a FTSE 100 company said the other day his biggest challenge was persuading junior executives that it was all right to take risks.
By Mark Brotherton
New technologies and industry networks are freeing up compliance professionals for more rewarding activity, says Mark Brotherton of Lloyds Bank.
By Craig Beeston
Craig Beeston of ICSA says a strong culture and positive environment is needed to prevent abuse of elite sportsmen and women.
By Pippa Begg
Ensuring the board is prepared can ease the arduous process of taking a company public, says Pippa Begg of Board Intelligence.
By Natasha Landell-Mills
Natasha Landell-Mills of Sarasin & Partners says directors can help investors understand a company's true financial strength.
Our community discusses how conflict and tension within the board arise and can be usefully resolved.
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