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By Mark Curran
There is a statutory obligation on employers to make reasonable adjustments to the role for employees with impairments.
By Belinda Hughes
The estate was barred from claiming a more significant sum in Queensland after seeking compensation in New Zealand.
By Olga Sashko
Claims of negligence and assault were dismissed, after blood and urine samples were taken from an intoxicated employee.
By Mark Curran
Courts have not yet determined if a gambling addiction constitutes a disability for the purposes of discriminations laws.
By Laura Gallagher
The FWC found that the employee was unfairly dismissed, when the employer misinterpreted the exit as an intent to resign.
By Belinda Hughes
The Plaintiff (worker) failed to establish that the incident occurred and that the employer breached its duty of care.
By Jamie McPherson, Kateland Mostert
The High Court considered whether credit card late payment fees charged by a bank were considered to be penalties.
By Roland O’Regan
The ASX has now finalised the largest changes to its submission requirements for listed entities in over a decade.
By Lex Orange
ShapingSEQ is a framework to manage the region's growth over the next 25 years and sets a vison for the next 50 years.
By Andrew Bautovich
A shareholders agreement provides documentation of principles agreed on by the shareholders and owners of a business.
By Yash Maheshwari
To attract or retain talent, more and more startups are exercising the option of Employee Stock Options (or ESOPs).
By Jennifer Davis
An earlier recognition of deterioration and transfer for appropriate care could have improved his chances of survival.
By Luke Gollan
Serious or repeated failure to comply with the guidelines may result in consequences for the practitioner's registration.
By Lex Orange
While project bank accounts are proposed, local governments should assess the appropriateness of PBAs for their projects.
By Hamish Broadbent
The case illustrates the practical operation of "sound contracting principles", to be included in a procurement policy.