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Level 8, 179 Turbot Street
By Michael Byrom
As the lift was not used solely for the supply of utility services to lot 8, costs were shared amongst all lot owners.
By Michael Byrom
Under new laws privately owned buildings will have to undergo rectification works where a fire risk is identified.
By Jamie Robinson
Pursuant to the decision, bodies corporate in Queensland have six years to bring an action for recovery of unpaid levies.
By Jamie Robinson
It is essential that employers carefully and correctly differentiate between casual employees and independent contractors.
By Jamie Robinson
Many employment-related monetary thresholds are indexed annually, and this article includes a checklist of key changes.
By Adam Raleigh
Article outlines the increased land tax rates applicable in Queensland from 1 July 2018.
By Adam Raleigh
Article discusses the new GST withholding obligations applicable to the parties to residential property contracts.
By Angela O''Neill
The case resolves complex arguments regarding the equitable process of tracing proceeds of monies improperly received.
By Julian Lane
It is likely that the new security for payment regime for the building industry will not commence until 17 December 2018.
By Jamie Robinson
The Labour Hire Licensing Act will ban businesses from entering into labour hire arrangements with unlicensed providers.
By Robert Lyons
Recent HC decision reminds buyers of land to do their due diligence and do it properly.
By Peter Bolam
The Court in the Pham decision made it clear that trade mark ownership is critical when applying to register a trade mark,.
By Gina Bozinovski
This case was a warning to directors and companies of the risk in making daring promises in contractual agreements.
By Peter Bolam
The NBD scheme requires certain entities to notify the Commissioner and affected individuals of an eligible data breach.
By Julian Lane
Any such clauses are likely to fall foul of the prohibition of 'pay when paid' provisions in security of payment regimes.
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