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By Karen Hamilton
While the OMA could challenge the decision in Court, such a challenge is unlikely to bring justice. It takes too long and there are too many levels of court to access before a decision could be made.
By Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd
With all due respect to Globe and Mail Public Health Reporter André Picard and his assessment that the social-media voice of Ontario doctors is sounding "shrill, self-indulgent, and counterproductive" as they continue their dispute with the Ontario government over fee cuts, I would counter that, given their current situation, our physicians are acting in a perfectly rational manner.
By Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd
In 1968, the Phillip Morris Company introduced Virginia Slims, a brand of cigarette's marketed to young, professional women.
By Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd
In a blog post last August, I discussed the heated debate that was taking place regarding whether doctors should be allowed to refuse treatment on moral or religious ground.
By Karen Hamilton
As if we didn’t already have enough on our plates, the Toronto Star now wants us to add, Serve as judge and jury when doctors mess up to our list of things to do.
By Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd
Earlier this year, the legislative framework surrounding the provision of medical marijuana in Canada underwent significant change.
By Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd
Not unlike the debate currently going on before the Supreme Court of Canada surrounding physician assisted suicide, we have seen and heard public outcry and resistance to changes in laws governing social and moral issues before.
By Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd
In case you've missed it, there is currently a heated discussion raging over doctors who refuse to provide treatment on moral or religious grounds.