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It is a requirement of the Act that an insurance policy is in place prior to the commencement of protection works.
By Justin Cotton
Commercial enterprises in building and other spheres will always risk having their confidential information misused.
By Justin Cotton
Depending on the facts, a builder can possibly get the benefit of the principle of law that a party can't be sued twice.
When a party breaches a contract the innocent party will be entitled to damages due to the breach by the other party.
By Justin Cotton
A Construction Certificate, issued by a certifier or a consent authority allows building work to commence on a project.
Liquidated damages or 'delay damages' clauses usually provide that a contractor must pay a pre-determined sum of money.
The case is a significant development in tort law, to builders' liability for economic loss caused by latent defects.
Often a complaint is made direct to the VBA, relating to a practitioner's professional conduct or ability to practice.