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By Ryley Mennie, Lou Poskitt
As the Province of British Columbia continues to churn through the hundreds of retail cannabis license applications
By Tyson Lamarsh
The British Columbia government has introduced legislation to modernize the environmental assessment ("EA") of major resource projects
By James Struthers, Yvan G. Larocque
The Breach of Security Safeguards Regulations ("BSSR"), issued under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, come into force November 1, 2018, including the new MBN requirements.
By James Struthers, Yvan G. Larocque, Ryley Mennie
The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, and Canada is at the forefront as the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis and cannabis related products
By Emily Savage, Yvan G. Larocque
A few weeks ago, we posted the first of a three-part series about what one should consider when starting a new business.
By Maya Stano, Ryley Mennie
We recently commented on one of the two key bases for the Federal Court of Appeal's ruling last week that quashed the Federal Government's approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (the "TMEX")
By Joelle Walker, Erin Reimer
Early yesterday, the Federal Court of Appeal ("Court") released its decision in the highly-anticipated judicial review of Governor in Council's ("GIC") approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project ("Project").
By Ryley Mennie, Lou Poskitt
We are coming up on three years since the Government of Canada received the final report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission ("TRC") on December 15, 2015 ...
By Emily Savage, Yvan G. Larocque
Many entrepreneurs and founders of start-ups begin developing or operating their businesses personally, as sole-proprietors or even as a general partnership with one or more other founders.
By Yvan G. Larocque, Maya Stano, Ryley Mennie
The RCMP recently raided two cannabis dispensaries on Indigenous Nations land near Chilliwack, BC. While many have questioned the use of police resources to shut down dispensaries...
By Yvan G. Larocque, Ryley Mennie
Today (June 21, 2018), the Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) ("Bill") became law with the Bill receiving Royal Asset during a ceremony in the Senate Chamber.
By Joelle Walker, Erin Reimer
The refusal to approve the proposed law school means that members of the TWU religious community are not free to impose those religious beliefs on fellow law students, since they have an inequitable impact...
By Jordan Ardanaz, Ryley Mennie, Maya Stano
With the proposed federal Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) having passed the Senate on June 8, 2018 with dozens of recommended amendments, the federal government's June 13 government order demonstrates the ongoing debate ...
By Merle Alexander, Maya Stano
Over the past months, the federal and provincial governments have been busy drafting new laws for the pending legalization of cannabis
By Ryley Mennie
Once upon a time, we said Less Money, No Problems in reference to Canada's proposed tax reforms.
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