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By McGrath Tonner
This long-running case was taken on by Samson & McGrath 4 years ago and we are happy to bring the case to a successful conclusion. The award is an important and life changing settlement for our client.
By Laura Larner
Laura Larner secured an acquittal for Sandra Catron after a successful submission of "no case to answer" at the close of the case for the Crown.
By McGrath Tonner
In an unprecedented joint sitting of the two appellate courts, justices have ruled that that the law allowing defendants to be convicted of murder under the principle of 'joint enterprise' has been wrongly interpreted for 30 years.
By McGrath Tonner
In the wake of the Supreme Court's clarification of these issues, it is anticipated that parents may now be more likely to engage in negotiation and mediation to resolve child disputes of an international nature.
By McGrath Tonner, Prathna Bodden, Laurence Aiolfi, Alice Carver
A person commits an offence in the Cayman Islands if he or she drives or is in charge of a vehicle on a road while he - (i) is under the influence of alcohol or drugs to such an extent that his efficiency as a driver is impaired...
By McGrath Tonner, Benjamin Tonner, Laurence Aiolfi
The Grand Court may appoint one or more than one competent inspectors to examine the affairs of any company and to report thereon in such manner as the Court may direct.
By McGrath Tonner
The Samson & McGrath criminal team discusses "...the powers of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) to arrest, detain and interview a suspect."
By McGrath Tonner
The Conditional Release Law, 2014 replaces the parole provisions in the Prison Law and is meant to create a new regime for dealing with all prisoners and their terms of release...
By McGrath Tonner
On 14th October 2015, the UK Supreme Court handed down judgment in the two cases of Sharland v Sharland and Gohil v Gohil.
By Benjamin Tonner
Members of the public are most likely to come into contact with the Coroner's court when a friend or relative has died suddenly and unexpectedly.
By McGrath Tonner, Benjamin Tonner
Defamation takes place when a third party publishes words or images containing untrue assertions about an individual where that assertion undermines the reputation of the person or entity in the eyes of society.
By Benjamin Tonner
Confidentiality of business dealings is strictly observed in the Cayman Islands.1 It is governed by both the common law and statute.
By Benjamin Tonner
Tax Information Exchange Agreements provide for the exchange of information, on request, in respect of specific criminal or civil tax investigations.
By Benjamin Tonner
In VTB v Universal Telecom Investment Strategies Fund SPC [2013] 2 CILR 94, the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal confirmed the availability of "free-standing" freezing injunctions in support of foreign legal proceedings, including against Cayman Islands entities against which no wrong doing is alleged.
By Benjamin Tonner
Companies Law (2013 Revision): Schedule of Offenses