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By Jamie Roche
What to do and what not to do when separating eg. try mediation to resolve matters rather than going to court .
By Deva Saraswati, Tiana Daly, Jamie Roche, Sonja Daly
All businesses should have policies, procedures and training programs regarding data breaches.
By Sonja Daly
If you have received a statement of claim, you have 28 days to consider your options and, if necessary, file a defence.
By Deva Saraswati
The Privacy Act and National Privacy Principles set out the obligations of businesses in relation to private information.
By Tiana Daly
The accounting firm shut its eyes to the underpayments in a manner that amounted to connivance in the contraventions.
By Tiana Daly, Jamie Roche, Deva Saraswati
The changes mean that franchisors are likely to be held responsible for franchisees' failure to pay employees correctly.
By Tiana Daly, Jamie Roche, Deva Saraswati
Minor payroll and employment errors can lead to major issues for employers, as this MasterChef judge recently discovered.
By Tiana Daly, Jamie Roche, Deva Saraswati
Some claims made in the class action relate to individuals classified as independent contractors, rather than employees.
By Tiana Daly, Jamie Roche, Deva Saraswati
NSW announces sweeping changes to stamp duty laws for first home buyers, overseas investors and off the plan purchasers.
By Watkins Tapsell
This report revealed that as many as 2.4 million Australians may have not been paid their superannuation entitlements.
By Deva Saraswati
A current case is showing why it is vital to have agreements in place with your business partners.
By Jamie Roche
What happens when a charitable gift within a Will fails because the charity receiving the gift no longer exists?
By Watkins Tapsell
New legislation means big changes for small business, so do your standard form business contracts contain unfair terms?
By Watkins Tapsell
In this market auctions are common and sometimes there are differing opinions as to the value of properties.
By Watkins Tapsell
An increase in building rates may mean increased disputes between builders and clients.