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Cavell Leitch
By Matt Rhodes, Natasha Rae
These changes are designed to ensure that the migrants who are granted residence have the skills that New Zealand needs.
By Matt Rhodes, Natasha Rae
As of 6 May 2018, partners and dependent children of NZ citizens or residents can now make visa applications online.
By Rebecca Collins
Immoveable assets, such as land or anything affixed to land, is governed by the law of the land where it is situated.
By Penny Henderson
Any advancing or borrowing money inter-family (usually for property) should be formally discussed with a lawyer.
By Matt Rhodes, Natasha Rae
INZ will no longer place visa labels in physical passports, unless specifically requested, and after a fee is paid.
By Susan Bevin
Article advises on what to do if you are a property owner with an unresolved insurance claim. .
By Jennifer Loming
Tips to directors on managing risks associated with providing a personal guarantee in connection with company activities. .
By Andrew Schulte
Article discusses further reforms to Resource Management Act. .
By Kirsten McMullen
Even where decisions contain errors these alone will not give rise to a right of further appeal in the Supreme Court.
By Maria Young
Seek advice about the implications before gifting assets to trusts or family members. .
By Elliot Scott
It is an agreement that provides for the tenant to lease the premises after design and construction by the landlord.
By Ann-Maria Buckley
Shared equity schemes are being considered to address the gap between the market value and what first time buyers can afford.
By Michael Dickie, Stacey Williams
Penalties can be harsh, so directors should aware of responsibilities to the company, shareholders and third parties.
By Michael Dickie, Stacey Williams
Penalties for breaches are harsh, so directors should know their duties to the company, shareholders, and third parties.
By Nicola Tiffen, Tim Stevens
The proposal is to extend the OIA so that non-residents cannot buy NZ houses or residential land, without OIO permission.
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