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By Danielle Ferron
According to the summary of facts set out in the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, Equustek Solutions Inc., a manufacturer of networking devices in British Columbia, entered into a distribution agreement with...
By Pierre-Luc Desgagné, Sean Griffin
The Provincial Court of New Brunswick's decision in R. v. Comeau was rendered on April 29, 2016 by Judge Ronald LeBlanc in Campbellton, N.B.
By Jean Patrick Dallaire, Stéphanie Fortier-Dumais
On May 30th, Quebec's National Assembly adopted Bill 142, putting an end to a construction workers' strike that had been ongoing for seven days and decreeing a wage increase of 1.8% for the workers concerned.
By Jean-Benoît Pouliot, Victoria Lemieux-Brown
Inspectors of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (the "MSDEFCC") have broad general powers of inspection.
By Gerry Apostolatos
Premièrement, la Cour statue que la demanderesse doit communiquer la convention unanime des actionnaires et les états financiers de la société à l'actionnaire minoritaire.
By Jean-Benoît Pouliot
Jean-Benoît Pouliot, a lawyer at Langlois, recently raised this question before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec (the "ATQ"). In the matter in question.
By Simon Chenard
The organization of contests, draws and lotteries is subject to a number of legislative provisions which remain unknown to many.
By Isabelle Toupin
Are you a director or officer of a corporation created pursuant to Part II of the Canada Corporations Act?
By Mélanie Sauriol, Gabrielle Thibaudeau
The contested provisions of the HSSSA were adopted following the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in Chaoulli...
By Simon Chenard, Jean-François De Rico
On June 7, in response to broad-based concerns of various stakeholders, the entry into force of Sections 47 to 51 and 55 of CASL relating to the private right of action was suspended...
By Geneviève Beaudin, Paule Veilleux
Summer is at hand (almost) and summer vacations as well. Every year at this time, employers become concerned about their obligations in connection with the St. John the Baptist Day National Holiday.
By André Sasseville, Kassandra Church
Since the adoption on June 1, 2004 of the provisions of the Labour Standards Act1 aimed at ensuring the right of employees to a workplace free from psychological harassment...
By Mylany David, Pascal Archambault
Recently, in Third Eye Capital Corp. v. Dianor Resources Inc., 2016 ONSC 6086, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice rendered a decision...
By Mylany David, Pierre-Luc Desgagné
Over the last years, the Québec government has undertaken an extensive reform of the Environment Quality Act (hereafter the "EQA")...
By Danielle Ferron, Julien Rheault
Confrontés à la nature intrinsèquement transfrontalière et intangible du cyberespace, les tribunaux peinent à imposer des sanctions aux individus qui commettent des abus à l'aide d'Internet.
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