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By Waldo Steyn
Two unusual copyright stories are back in the news.
By Gaelyn Scott
Colleagues and clients alike often comment on the varied, topical and evolving nature of my field of expertise, IP law, as evidenced from my articles over the years
By Chavern Ismail
A recent BBC article entitled "Havaianas: How a Brazilian flip-flop took over the world" doesn't mention IP once, yet it contains some useful IP lessons.
By Tanith Robertson
It is safe to say that BMW protects its trade marks fiercely. As a result, the company has done more than its fair share to shape South African trade mark law.
By Chavern Ismail
Brand owners should take note of the launch of .ke, the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Kenya on 23 July 2017.
By Mansoor Parker, Anuschka Wischnewski
Before dealing with these trends, we first set out the proposed transaction in BPR 274.
By Celia Becker
On 10 June 2017, the President announced the imposition of a 0.2% import levy on all imports from outside the Member States of the African Union.
By Wolf Wohlers
NIPA is set to replace the Foreign Investments Act, 1990 and, if implemented, will result in far-reaching changes in the Namibian foreign investment regime.
By Lavina Daya, Ivette du Toit
Where the HTVI approach applies, tax administrators are entitled to consider ex post outcomes as presumptive evidence in evaluating the appropriateness of ex ante pricing arrangements.
By Beric Croome
The taxpayer sought an order declaring that section 34(2) of the Amending Act is inconsistent with the Constitution, and invalid to the extent that it provides that section 44 (9A) of the Act shall be deemed...
By Armando Aguiar
The without prejudice rule has long been part of South African law. This rule provides that statements, including admissions of liability, made in an attempt to settle litigation between parties.
By Kelle Gagné, Clinton van Loggerenberg
Market participants must take note that the proposed amendment does not, in fact, achieve the aim of alleviating the administrative burden in margining-type transactions.
By Peter Le Roux
The most important of these provisions is found in the newly-enacted section 198A.
By Phillip Karugaba
Article 26 of the Ugandan Constitution enshrines the right to property and the protection from deprivation of property, subject only to the prompt payment of fair and adequate compensation...
By Manisha Bugwandeen-Doorasamy
An increasing number of African companies do business in the Far East, and many of them register their trade marks in the region's major markets.
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