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By Clinton van Loggerenberg, Kelle Gagné
As we have written in a number of previous articles, National Treasury, together with the Prudential Authority and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority ...
By Manisha Bugwandeen-Doorasamy
IP plays an extremely significant role in the world of toys, as a number of news reports have made very clear.
By Gerard Du Toit
The trade marks Mango and Yango won't be confused, even if they are used for the same products, so said the hearing officer in a recent trade mark opposition in the UK.
By Gaelyn Scott
The South African government is determined to ensure that in the country, as in a number of other countries, tobacco products are sold with little or no branding.
By Xavier Koenig, Nashenta Vuddamalay Zindel, Avina Uckiah
The legal framework in Mauritius is constantly evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing economic environment.
By Rowen Forster
Every minute of every day, 100 bottles of Scotch whisky make their way to South Africa.
By Lee Crisp
In Malatji v Minister of Home Affairs and Another, the South African Labour Appeal Court ("LAC") had to determine when mora interest ...
By Joanne van Harmelen
The legal and philosophical aspects relating to the concept of "ownership" with respect to human biological material of various kinds has been hotly debated.
By Lara Lindeque
Over the past year, South Africa has seen some significant changes impacting its commercial financial landscape.
By Ferosa-Fae Hassan
Regular readers will recall our recent ENSight where we reported that a draft agreement had been published which, to a degree ...
By Natasha Coleman
During the course of recent months, South African Parliament has considered four bills proposing significant changes to South Africa's labour legislation.
By Anne Jenkinson, Annelie Giles
In principle, VAT incurred by a vendor on the cost of developing residential property for sale may be claimed as an input tax deduction.
By Rowen Forster
It's been widely reported that Roger Federer has signed a 10-year, USD300-million sponsorship deal with the clothing brand UNIQLO.
By Nils Braatvedt
This is calculated on the basis of the terms and conditions that the employee was subject to at the date of dismissal.
By Thierry Koenig, Shrivan Dabee, Natasha Behary Paray
The MIAC will be supported by an advisory body which will be chaired by Professor Emmanuel Gaillard.
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