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By Grant Holley
It is timely, if you have not already done so, to review all your standard form ' take it or leave it" contracts.
By Samantha Hills, Jared Mintz
Licensees who have joined AFCA but have yet to notify ASIC must do so before 30 November, or be liable for late fees.
By Samantha Hills, Jared Mintz
Being able to sever ties with an adviser who breaches your AFS licence obligations is very important for licensees.
By Grant Holley, Hannah MacPherson, Jared Mintz
Crowd sourced funding was very recently made available to proprietary companies.
By David Court
Discussion of the sophisticated investor eligibility test, its problems and its future.
By Alexa Freeman, Naomi Fink
A policy principle period was declared until 2 October 2018 to allow DCEs time to comply with their new obligations.
By Grant Holley, Hannah MacPherson
If you are carrying on business in Australia and have a turnover above $100m (or $50m in NSW), this Bill applies to you.
By Alexa Freeman, Mark Sneddon, Paul Derham
Due to the returns to be made in cryptocurrencies, many people plan to set up digital currency exchanges in Australia.
By Jesse Vermiglio
ASIC and the Banking Royal Commission put the spotlight on dealing with conflicts of interest.
By David Court, Frank Varga
As of 1 October 2018, advisers who wish to continue to provide MDA services will need to apply for a licence variation.
By Fiona McCord
If a cyber incident arises, consideration must be given to the potential legal ramifications.
By Terence Wong, David Court
The Enhanced Sandbox (in its exposure draft form) will come with a number of enhancements over the Existing Sandbox.
By Zoe Higgins
The Australian Financial Complaints Authority becomes a 'one stop shop' for the resolution of all financial complaints.
By Mark Sneddon
Recent changes align the GST treatment of digital currency with the GST treatment of money removing double GST.
By Fiona McCord, David Court
Licensees have possession of highly personal information, which in the wrong hands can be used for criminal activities.
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