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By Noelle White, Denise Coughlan, Vanora Madigan
From May 25, 2018, all organizations – including hedge and private equity funds – will need to align their data practices with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
By Vanora Madigan
It has been shown that one of the most effective ways to enhance corporate governance is through board diversity.
By Noelle White, Denise Coughlan, Vanora Madigan
Overall, GDPR is complex but not an overwhelming legislation. It aims to help private funds more effectively manage PII in order to mitigate the risks of data breaches.
By Don W. Ebanks, Samantha Fletcher-Watts, Cara Hennessy, Tammy W. Seymour
Further to our e-zine dated 9 February 2018, the CIMA has reaffirmed its position on AML/CFT requirements and, as previously communicated by DMS, has confirmed that natural persons must be appointed for the AMLCO...
By Matthew Brown, David Morrissey, Jeremy O'Sullivan, Darren Gorman, Conor MacGuinness, Gavin Devitt
The Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) recently published findings of its asset management market study have led to the announcement of a series of remedies for the concerns identified in its report.
By Derek Delaney, Jeremy O'Sullivan
Ireland was the first European Union member state to introduce a specific regulatory framework for loan originating investment funds.
By Samantha Fletcher-Watts, Don W. Ebanks, Don Seymour
On 13th December, 2017, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ("CIMA") issued their updated Guidance Notes under the new AML Regulations which came into effect on 2nd October, 2017.
By David Morrissey, Conor MacGuinness
Lee R. Landrum, Managing Partner of TCP said, "Since our Firm's first institutional fund in 1999, we have invested approximately $19Bn in more than 500 companies.
By David Morrissey, Michael Buckley, Jeremy O'Sullivan
When the Central Bank of Ireland's (Central Bank) CP86 comes into full effect in July 2018, it will refine key management functions with increased focus on effective supervision and enhanced governance...
By Nicola Cowan
This DMS Advisory reminds investment funds stakeholders of impending deadlines to be met...
By DMS Offshore Investment Services
On 30 August 2017, the Department of International Tax Cooperation issued an update with respect to U.S. FATCA and the Common Reporting Standard:
By John D’Agostino
John D'Agostino was recently asked to contribute an article for the for Wells Fargo Quarterly Report.
By Niaz Khan, Wai Shan (Connie) Wong
Following the opening of the DMS Hong Kong office six years ago, our client base has now grown to include not only Hong Kong but also the wider Asia-Pacific region.
By Jason Poonoosamy
The recent and unexpected outcome of the UK general election has served only to add to the Brexit angst of the asset management community.
By John D’Agostino
While analyzing current trends within the industry, two areas in particular stand out: the increasing complexity of side letters and the increased reliance on 3rd party valuation firms for complex...assets.